What is acupuncture? 

Acupuncture is the ancient asian art of using needles to stimulate specific points on the body to  promote the flow of qi (energy) to facilitate a healing response in the region related to the health problem in the body


What are the credentials to be of acupuncturist?

I am a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine and received my training and degree at the Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

You need to be licensed as an acupuncturist here in Colorado by the Division of Registrations Acupuncture Board. I hold license number 663 in Colorado and 6424 in California.


Does acupuncture hurt?

You feel a little pinch upon insertion of the needle and a slight dull achy sensation during the retention of the needles.


What type of needles do you use?

I use single use disposable sterilized needles.


How thick are the needles?

Acupuncture needles are in the category of filiform (hair-like) needles I use mostly 34 and 36 guage needles.


How do you know where to stick the needles in me?

Your report of where the health problem resides in your body gives me the starting point for the acupuncture points that are related to that particular region. For example if someone suffers with migraine headaches that are focused in the right temporal region then some of the points used would be located on the hands or feet and would be related to the right temporal region—the needles aren’t necessarily inserted in the temporal region.


What are common needle points?

The most useful acupuncture points are located from the elbow to the hand and the knee to the foot. There are acupuncture points located on the body and the head, it’s just the most useful points are located on the limbs.


How do you get trained in acupuncture?

I received my training at the Emperor’s College of  Traditional Oriental Medicine, located in Santa Monica California. A four year program with a 1000 hour internship and I have over 3000 hours of classroom training in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


Do you get a license?

My licensing exam in California consisted of a five hour comprehensive written exam on acupuncture, herbal formula theory, clinical applications, but also on anatomy and physiology, modern internal medicine and clinical medicine. Then a practical exam where you had to accurately locate acupuncture points on a person and also raw medicinal herb identification where you are given ten samples of herbs that you have to answer questions after identifying the samples, so if you couldn’t identify the herb sample then you  would not give correct answers to the questions. The California Acupuncture Boards continue to be the most rigorous exams in the country.


Is it accepted by western medicine?

I feel that Western medicine has largely embraced oriental medicine, but my profession could do a better job of helping western doctors understand the different applications of  acupuncture and how it won’t interfere with their treatment plans, and in many instances enhance other treatment modalities. For instance post operative acupuncture rehab can begin immediately as the needles are not inserted at surgical sites.

I receive many referrals from medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, chiropractors and dentists.


What other supplies do you use?

Along with acupuncture needles I use cotton balls, isopropyl alcohol and needle disposal containers—pretty simple.


Do I need to take medication?

If you are taking over the counter or prescription medications, then you continue to take them as the acupuncture will not interfere with the medicine. Prescription medicines need to be discussed with the prescribing physician. If I have herbal treatment in mind for you, then I make sure that it will not negatively interact with any medicines you are taking.


What do I need to do at home?

There are a variety of home treatments and life style changes that can be recommended depending on the person’s individual needs. Everything from exercises to nutrition to home remedies.


Can I use acupuncture for fertility issues and treatment?

Yes. Acupuncture is very useful in the treatment of infertility and is often recommended by obstetricians. Male reproductive issues can also be addressed, like low sperm count, low libido and erectile dysfunction.


How do I find the right acupuncturist?

You found him.


How much does it cost?

One treatment session is $50 or I offer a package of 5 sessions for $200


Do you take insurance?

If your policy has acupuncture coverage, then we can submit your charges to your insurance.


Do I get any guarantee that it will work?

No. Like any medical treatment you need enough information to see if your particular health complaints have the potential for responding to the treatment.


How do herbs work with acupuncture?

Herbs are an excellent adjunct to acupuncture treatment as herbal formulas can be customized to address in a similar fashion what the acupuncture is treating.


 What can I treat with acupuncture?

  • Weight loss
  • Smoking
  • Anxiety
  • Back Pain
  • Depression
  • Cancer pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Impact injuries
  • Headaches
  • Pain management
  • Addictions
  • Stress
  • Sleeping problems
  • Digestive issues

I think in some ways it’s a mistake to make a list of conditions  that can be treated by acupuncture, since acupuncture stimulates your own healing mechanisms to relieve the health problem in addition illnesses vary in how the present in different people so one particular condition in different people would receive different treatment plans. At the same time people need to see if the condition they are suffering with might respond to acupuncture by just trying it.

How long will the treatments take?

You need to plan on an hour of your time in the clinic.

Does my doctor need to know about this?

The more you communicate with your doctor the better as they should know everything that you are doing to help yourself.

If you like what acupuncture does for you, tell your doctor and I appreciate when you recommend me to others for their acupuncture—that is the number one way I help more people. If people don’t know that acupuncture might help them, your comments on my blog are appreciated as they could give someone the information necessary to try acupuncture.



Cupping is another therapy that is part of Oriental Medicine and is used for problems like muscle pain, joint pain and cough. Also, I use electro-acupuncture occasionally to relieve some problems.