About George

Colorado Springs Acupuncture

At 4:31 in the morning on January 17th, 1994 my life changed significantly. My wife Vanessa and I had been married 3 months and I awoke to our apartment collapsing under the force of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake now known as the Northridge earthquake. My wife Vanessa did not suffer any physical injury, but I had a concussion and whiplash from being hit in the head in the dark by the wood bursting through walls that were snapping like match sticks. Escaping out a broken window we were to start over with virtually nothing, but the clothes on our backs. We were able to retrieve a few belongings before FEMA condemned the building that morning and by the afternoon we found a converted garage apartment to call home.

In the days to follow I began to have symptoms of a concussion and the pain in my neck and shoulders was getting worse when my wife suggested I go get acupuncture. I thought well OK what the heck it helped her get rid of chronic migraine headaches, what do I have to lose. After a month and half of acupuncture the head and neck problems were way under control, but also acne that I had struggled with over a decade and a half was significantly clearing up.

Inspired by my acupuncturist to make a career change I decided to enroll in the Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in the Fall of 1994.  Where in 1998 I received my Master’s of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

My philosophy is to create a treatment plan that will get you well as fast as possible. I have studied TCM, Five Elements, Classical styles of acupuncture and I practice mainly Classical Acupuncture as it is the fastest and most effective way to achieve results. The origins of Classical Acupuncture go back over 3000 years in the written record.

The best results can be achieved if at the beginning of a course of treatment people can come 2-3 times per week and eventually reducing the treatment frequency as improvements become more sustainable.

I also like to collaborate with other health care providers in order to achieve the maximum benefit for my patients. Sometimes that means everything from making a referral to medical specialists, chiropractors physical therapist, occupational therapists, mental health counselors, dentists, massage therapists, naturopaths, and others. I just want my patients to have access to whatever modalities will help them get well.