How have you benefited from acupuncture and Chinese Herbs?

I can sing the praises of acupuncture for pages, but I am an acupuncturist it’s easy for me to talk about different cases of successful treatments. What I would like to know is how you have benefited from getting acupuncture or taking Chinese herbs? Many people don’t know why they would get acupuncture so your testimonial could be of use to someone seeking help.

Thank you for posting your comments.

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  • Muhammad says:

    It was Acupuncture that got me interested in all of Complementary Medicine. My wife broke her neck in 2 pleacs and suffered much pain which was solved by the NHS by drugging her for years. In desperation, last resort I turned to Acupuncture. It singlehandedly saved her, since then I read as an amateur and write on about many things especially Acupuncture.An article I wrote explains why I know it works and how Adenosine (a natural pain relieving chemical in body) is increased in local injury by the needling by 24 fold.

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